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The Kenya Dental Association membership include diverse expertise in Academia, Dental research, public and private dental practitioners. These rich resources are used to inform on desirable oral health polies and budgetary allocation to provide optimum oral health for all Kenyans.

KDA's Constitution Committee

KDA’s constitution committee aims to govern the processes of the Association in addition , guide the interaction between its members and their elected council members. KDA has committed to Promote dental policies that support sustainable solutions for prevention of dental decay, oral health education, research, advocacy and patient support activities by focus on advocating for oral health in both the National and Devolved health Units.

Aims & Objectives

The association’s aim is to formulate a framework for policy makers at different levels–national, county and local. The process of formulating a national, County or local oral health strategy necessitates evaluating the oral health before steps can be taken to improve it. KDA supports the Government in improving recording , collating and analysis of oral health data around the country in order to have policies that are relevant to Kenya @ 50, and in line with Vision 2030.KDA’s goals are to minimize the impact of oral and oral of systemic diseases in the citizenry and to promote early diagnosis, prevention and effective management of systemic diseases.


• To reduce morbidity and mortality from oral and Maxillofacial diseases;
• To promote sustainable, priority-driven policies and programmes in oral health systems that are evidence-based
• To develop accessible cost-effective oral health systems for the prevention and control of oral and maxillofacial diseases;
• To integrate oral health promotion and care with other health sectors, using the common risk factor approach;
• To strengthen systems and methods for oral health surveillance, both processes and outcomes;
• To promote social responsibility and ethical practices of care givers;
• To reduce disparities in oral health between different socio-economic groups within country and inequalities in oral health across counties;
• To increase the number of health care providers who are trained in accurate epidemiological surveillance of oral diseases and disorders.

Advocacy Issues

Advancing Science

• Fluoride mapping and defluoridation
• Funding National Oral Health Survey

Reducing the Cost of Dental Care

• Reversal of the VAT on dental materials and products of September 2013.
• Tax incentives for local manufacturing of dental materials, instruments and Equipment

Promoting the Public’s Oral Health

• Community water De-fluoridation
• School Oral Health Programmes for all until 14 years of age.

National Issues

• County oral centers of Excellence
• Disaster Preparedness & Response
• Fluoridation and De-fluoridation
• Dental insurance under the National Hospital Insurance Fund
• Dental Clinic Incentives for Underserved Areas
• Small Business Support in training
• County free oral health care for under 5’s Program
• Tobacco, Bettel Nut and Miraa Control

County Issues

• Advertising
• Clinic Ownership, Practice and scope of Practice

Policy Statements

KDA is a member of World Dental Federation, Commonwealth Dental Association and International Association of Dental Research.

National Oral Health Policy

The KDA National Oral Health Policy is communicated to policy makers, the media and the public, aimed at creating, expanding and strengthening the network for improving national oral health.

To maintain optimum oral health of the public KDA enhances the dental profession through its initiatives for continuing dental education, accrediting educational programmes and dental practice, research, surveys, communication, legislation and many other activities.

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