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livia2Technology is providing convenience to all of us in various sectors of the economy.

UBER leveraged technology to disrupt the personal transport industry connecting passengers to nearby taxis. Airbnb did the same to the personal accommodation industry connecting travelers to accommodation rentals the world over.

LIVIA APP is a technology platform that connects users in need of medicines or other items to a pharmacy near them stocking those items.

In doing so, the LIVIA platform provides users convenience and affordability and at the same time, local pharmacies liquidate their stock and grow their customer base. This is very different from other apps that are basically an on line pharmacy that liquidate their own stock and are in direct competition with existing brick and mortar pharmacies.

Becoming a LIVIA PARTNER CHEMIST (LPC) is easy for any brick and mortar pharmacy that is duly registered with the regulatory body of its respective country. In Kenya that would be PPB.

Pharmacies intending to become LPCs download the LIVIA FOR CHEMISTS app from Google Playstore and once validated, can start receiving orders.

As we continue to grow our LPC network, we are partnering with medical insurance providers to leverage on our network and enjoy best service at best prices resulting in bigger savings for claims on purchases of medicines by the insured.

We are soon going to launch Livia for Doctors app that will allow doctors to submit e-prescriptions to the platform upon discharging their patients from the clinic or hospitals. The app would also allow doctors to maintain a real time appointment schedule that can be synced to their reception. Furthermore, doctors on Livia for Doctors will enjoy being visible to all Livia users hence increasing visibility to potential and future clients.

Finally, we hope that the biggest winner will be the patient (Livia App user) who will get access to affordable, quality medicines with convenience and have access to doctors at the touch of a button.

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